The true human nature is gentle and divine,
and if the heart is inhabited by the wisdom of goodness it will become a shining light, and the mind is God’s gift in his creation to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong.

And as far as the lover will is purified in abstracting the unity then a genuine mirror is clarified to show the viewer the way to perfectly verify the human quality.

The late Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi realized the secret to this simple truth, so he became a live spiritual and materialized oasis sought by people everywhere, attracted by the power of a secret unreachable by them, seeking grace from his chasteness and his spirituality, devoted to his instructions and his impartial views clear from any faction tendency, raised above all materiality, elevated in its deep insight to a higher level where its supreme righteousness was manifested in what it achieved in people minds through feelings of unity, harmony and collaboration in crucial moments and during troubled times in the history of Bani Maarouf i.e. “people of good deeds”.

The gentle presence of Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi has been completed by his demise, since the virtuous doesn’t truly leave, he only leaves after fulfilling his testament derived from the higher right testaments, so “he achieved his deliverance and his high status and fulfilled his happiness”. As said by Sheikh Abu Mohammad Jawad in his funeral- but he stayed with us, he stayed for us and for his brothers, and his breaths still lingers to instill blessing and assurance in the hearts of believers and Muwahhideen (Unitarians), and it was reflected as genuine feelings united to form a charitable association relying on God the Glorified and Sublime, drawing upon the principles, goals and Unitarian merits that advises caring for and helping the brothers, depending on the benevolent and generous people and the support and prayers of our dignified sheikhs.

Of the highest values the principle of solidarity and compassion and empathy between people through a commitment to philanthropy to provide health and social services to the poor, needy, orphans, widows and the destitute, that includes medical services and free medicines and covering the cost of treatment in hospitals for the sick and the needy through a mechanism to ensure an access to these services for eligible patients through a dedicated administrative body and a group of doctors and an experienced medical staff with an established competence in philanthropy, as to raise awareness and knowledge about the moral, spiritual and Islamic and Unitarian principles and the cooperation with the civil society.
It held his name as a title for the benefit of people and it shined a light for believers in their paths, and was expressed in his renewable message for love, goodness, purity and serenity.
It is an association that follows the lead of its righteous Sheikh and the legacy of his esteemed ancestors; it derives from his glittering spirit in the heart of kindness a humanitarian cause devoted to human duty.
The Charity Association of Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi is a beacon shining from the generosity of its master’s turban to bless the sick thirsty for mercy, and orphans in need of compassion and the wretched poor content with their poor life, dispensing with the temptations of this mortal world.
The Association of Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi is committed to a unitarian course that raises the human significance and enhances its value and quality, through its medical, educational and service programs, until it became one of the institutions watching over all what provides the comfort and safety of the people in misery and deprivation.

The Association Goals:
The Charity Association of Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi is a private institution aimed at public service with a clear charitable message.
On the health level, the association aims to provide the necessary health services through a selection of doctors contracted with the center in exchange for a nominal amount, or free of charge dedicated to needy patients, As for the medicines in the center, they are distributed for free according to a medical prescription for all patients.

On the social level, the organization seeks to spread awareness and ethical and spiritual principles that were carried by the late Sheikh Abu Hassan Aref Halawi through organization of seminars and lectures with the aim of raising educational, health and social awareness.

In addition to that, the association provides educational services and assistance for orphans and the needy through communication with schools and institutes. It also provides medical assistance through communication with hospitals to cover the cost of treatment for patients in need, in this context the organization is working hard to develop and increase these services due to the needs of the community.

One of the main goals of the association is the cooperation with other associations and civil society bodies which adopt the same goals, concerting efforts and working to ensure the physical, health and educational supplies for the community.

Finally, patient satisfaction and providing the best service to him within an organized work mechanism to ensure the continuous achievement and development of the quality of services and working on expanding them remain the primary strategic objective of the association.
The license to invest a charitable clinic
Minister of public health
Pursuant to the decree number 14323 on 19/4/2005
Pursuant to the law of charitable clinics issued on 19/12/1955
Pursuant to the request presented on 9/3/2005 from The Charity Association of Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi (located in Barouk, Shouf district, apprised by number AD/151, certified by an attestation by the general manger of political and refugees affairs in the ministry of interior number 4237/4/2005 on 1/3/2005
After carrying out the local inspection and after consulting the opinion of the manager of medical care and pursuant to a proposition by the public health manager
The Charity Association of Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi has the right to open and invest a health clinic in Barouk, Shouf district, Main Street, western neigberhood.
The association is operated by the support of its two honorary presidents Mr. Walid Beik Jumblatt and His Highness Emir Talal Arslan
On 24th Sep 2014, a new administrative committee was elected, it is represented by the fellow gentlemen:
Sheikh Hassan Halawi as president
Mr. Issam Makarem as vice president
Mr. Salem Sid Ahmad as medical relations manager
Sheikh Akram Al Boustany as secretary
Sheikh Jamil Al Ammatoury as public relations manager
Mr. Samir Halawi as general manager for the clinic and a treasurer
Mr Mohammad Halawi as financial manager.
Establishing Stage
This association was the answer to the clear course of Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi calling for forgiveness, charity, and helping those in need.
Notification number AD/151
The Charity Association of Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi was established in Barouk, shouf district

Minister of Interior and Municipalities
Pursuant to the decree number 13621 dated 26/10/2004
Pursuant to the law of associations issued on 3rd August 1909, clause # 6 in particular
Pursuant to the request presented by the founders of the association called The Charity Association of Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi and registered at the department of political and electoral affairs number 3862/2 dated 5/7/2004 and after the approval of the concerned parties.
Pursuant to the proposition of the general manager of political and refugees’ affairs department, the following was decided:
First clause: Giving the notification for the association called the charity association of Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi.
Address: Barouk, Shouf district.

The founders:
Bahjat Najib Halawi Nabih Ibrahim Halawi
Samir Said Halawi Nidal Jaddallah Shehayeb
Bassam Tawfik halawi Mohamad Salim Halawi
Issam Fayez Makarem
Future Vision
The Charity Association of Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi is working on the construction of a new building that shall provide all necessary and required standards. A plot of land with an area of 3200 square meters is acquired; it is situated on the road to Barouk river, next to Barouk and Fraydis municipality building. The project is being mapped by a group of engineers led by Mr. Paul Saghbini in cooperation with The Sovereign Order of Malta.
In addition, the association seeks to expand the scope of medical services by providing a medical staff of different areas of specialization (dermatologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, endocrinologist and diabetes doctor, a urologist, nephrologists, a pulmonologist, Orthopedist and joints specialist…), providing a physiotherapist, a psychologist, a nutritionist, and it is works to secure a bigger quantity of medicines to meet the needs of a larger number of patients. In the same context, the association works to fully equip the radiology department and to set up a modern laboratory.
On the other hand, the association aims to expand the scope of its social service through the allocation of a social services office that works in an organized, thoughtful and comprehensive manner.

The Association Achievements:
Since its launch in 2006, the association seeks to provide the necessary medical and social services with the help of a number of specialist doctors, the association endeavored to comply with charity works through the provision of health services and covering the expenses of treatment for needy patients in hospitals.
In 2014, work scope of the association expanded through a contract with YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association), which provides in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health the medications to chronic disease patients as part of a clear and organized work mechanism, determined by the Assembly. With the end of each month, chronic medication are delivered to patients registered in the clinic and approved by the Assembly, free of charge, where the association will pay the required costs to the Assembly. It is worth to mention that the conditions required to avail from the association services are:
- The patient shouldn’t be covered by the national social security fund
- The patient doesn’t benefit from the assembly services at any other clinic
There has been also cooperation with the Sovereign Order of Malta organization through a collaboration protocol on 27/12/2914 that includes providing medicines for chronic and non-chronic diseases twice a year; that medicine is intended for the regular patients and is given free according to the medical prescription. The Sovereign Order of Malta also provides financial and technical assistance to contribute to the support of the association.
The Ministry of Public Health offered in 2014 a quantity of medicines to non-chronic diseases, which is distributed for free, according to the doctor's prescription in addition to computers with an informatics program with trainers provided by the ministry and it includes:
1- The patient file with the required information
2- The doctors available at the center
3- A section dedicated to medicine (where each medicine disposed at the pharmacy is registered in the program next to the treating doctor).

The association works to the extent of its capacity to adhere to philanthropy by providing health and social services to the poor, needy, orphans, widows and the destitute that includes medical services and free medicines and covering the cost of treatment in hospitals for the sick and the needy in a work mechanism to ensure access to service for patients.
One of the most important achievements made by the organization is buying a piece of land with an area of 3,200 square meters for a new building for the association.

A Short Biography of the Life of Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi

Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi was born in the town of Barouk, Shouf district, in 1316 Hijri, 1899 A.D.

He adopted the unitarian requirements in his intentions, words and deeds and he left the pleasures of this mortal world, and sold his possessions and distributed them to the needy, to renunciate of everything but God.

When he became an adult, he fully memorized the holy book, and he drew from its sciences and interpretations until he was culminated in his mid-thirties with the turban of perfection and piety, and he will continue until the late seventies as a pure treasure and with his increased dignity he became more humble, complied and revered.

The late Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi was a national icon, men of state and religion always visited him to praise his national views.

The gentle aura of holiness has submerged his material body in his late years, so visiting him became like a pilgrimage to people seeking to draw from his knowledge, either from his own country and from Arabic countries from different religions until he deceased on 1st Shawwal 1424, 26 November 2003.

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Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi
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The Charity Association of Sheikh Abou Hassan Aref Halawi